I've done some projects over the years. Here's a list of a few in no particular order.

Apple II Related


mktohgr is a little program I whipped up in Ruby/GTK2 to convert images for display on the Apple II. Fun times!


mksida2 is a helpful conversion utility to convert .sid files for the Commodore 64 to use on an Apple II with a compatible SID peripheral expansion card. Currently, two exist in the world. ;)

Savage Frontier Diversi-Dial

Back in the late eighties and early nineties, before Facebook, Twitter, AIM, IRC, and multiline BBS, if you wanted to enter an 'online chat' with other people - and there's evidence to support the fact this behavior would be //discouraged// - you would dial a system called a Diversi-Dial. Created by Bill Basham, it was a piece of software you could run on an Apple II based system, and with the help of placing several modems into the Apple's generous 7 slots, you could talk to up to as many people at once in blazing 300 baud! Click now to relive the memories, or if you've never called before, make some new ones.