Subject: Ddial Analysis
From: Mouse
Date: Friday, January 11 10:49 PM

One of my new years resolutions, if I had any, is to complete a project every fifteen days. I started a new one to get me inspired - a decompile and analysis of the Diversi-Dial binary. It's two projects in one - the decompile itself, and a tool of my own design to facilitate the review. This is a work in progress, but it's going really well so far! I've wondered about the internals ever since I called one for the first time over two decades ago.. it's time to lay this unsolved mystery to rest.

Subject: Happy Solstice!
From: Mouse
Date: Friday, December 21 07:07 PM

The world didn't end, yay. Moving right along.. Happy winter solstice! My favorite time of the year, and the days really can use lengthening now as well.

Subject: TNG In Theaters Tonight!
From: Mouse
Date: Thursday, November 29 01:08 PM

OMG.. Fathom events is having another Star Trek The Next Generation movie theater screening! This time it's Season 2 and they're showing Q Who and Measure Of A Man, two really great episodes in their own right.

Check it out! at fathomevents.com!

Subject: To Dine in Hell's Kitchen
From: Mouse
Date: Tuesday, November 27 02:46 AM

Here's a good article on dining in Hell's Kitchen. With the concluding paragraph suggesting the next season is starting in 2013. I wanna go so badly! :)

Subject: Vote!!
From: Mouse
Date: Sunday, November 04 01:06 AM

Everyone! Get out and vote! This election is so important!

Subject: Savage Frontier Relaunch
From: Mouse
Date: Sunday, August 01 09:20 AM

After our downtime (which went successfully!) I threw up a 'joke' ddial that wasn't quite SF. It will be fully restored tomorrow.

For the canucks, enjoy our August Long Weekend!

Subject: HFCS is bad, surprise!
From: Mouse
Date: Wednesday, March 24 10:42 PM

It turns out that it really is bad for you. Who knew?get it out of our food now!

Subject: Cross-Browser Font Support
From: Mouse
Date: Tuesday, March 16 05:34 PM

OMG! Thanks Pe_Ell for pointing out that one can finally use .ttf files in webpages. I spent my time instead developing a small javascript program to convert elements into absolute divs positioned relatively, manipulating background-position on an image to do its dirty work. I think I like both solutions.read more

Subject: Diversi-Dial
From: Mouse
Date: Wednesday, March 03 03:30 PM

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, a man named Bill Basham created one of the first online chat systems for the Apple II+ and IIe.

Back then it was called a "CB Simulator", as the command terminology was designed around the language used in Citizen's Band and amateur radio circles. Once you dialed in and entered your password (or hit RETURN on an open-to-guests or "unlocked" system, you would be dropped into a room with other callers. You could type /hHandle to enter the nickname or 'handle' you wanted to use, or use /tN to 'tune' to channels 1, 2, 3, or 4 (channels 1 & 2 for public conversation, 3 and 4 for two-person private chat). It had limited support for email (which required a 64k Apple IIe with the 64k RAM expansion option to store the email) and had 240 character "message slots" from /ma to /mz. It was truly a pioneer in its time.

Who among us doesn't want to return to the fun filled days of three hundred baud and a limit of seven lines per chat system? I know I do! Thanks to modern emulation, I was able to turn those dreams into reality. I faithfully recreated my favorite old system, Savage Frontier, back in 2007. It will continue to run as a testament to that era. In fact, why don't you check it out right now? Go back in time!

Subject: Krafty Chat Stats
From: Mouse
Date: Tuesday, March 02 04:24 PM

I spend a lot of time listening to the best Internet hardcore radio station, kraftyradio.com. To give back, I've set up a chat statistics page. It uses pisg and some custom sed scripts to customize it (pisg's internal table design is screaming for a makeover).Check it out!

Subject: New Website
From: Mouse
Date: Monday, March 01 02:33 PM

It's been a long time in coming, but I've finally got around to delving into almost everything there is to know about web development using the latest in - ubuntu, html, css, javascript, jquery, ruby, sinatra, haml, sass, markdown, git. I've put together this little page to showcase all my software. Too bad that most of it can't be released (or even named names) because it would violate copyrights.

I hope you enjoy. Love, Mouse


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